Swapit beta 4 – Launched

swapit-blog_beta-4We’ve just launched beta 4 to our awesome beta user crowd!

With this beta we are moving from “beta testers” to “beta users”. In simple terms, this means, all of our users are now encouraged to post real trades on swapit.

Formalizing the Buy Process with BUYER QUEUES

We have learnt from many of our beta users and from folks that trade on Facebook groups that the normal trading behavior is:

  1. Seller posts an item for sale
  2. Potential buyer #1 says (s)he is interested by writing a comment (e.g. “interested”)
  3. Potential buyer #2 says (s)he is interested by writing a comment (e.g. “interested”)
  4. Potential buyer #3 says (s)he is interested by writing a comment (e.g. “interested”)
  5. and so on …
  6. Seller and potential buyers chat and the seller decides who to sell to.

To replicate and improve this very procedure most buyers and sellers are familiar with, swapit sports a queuing mechanism in beta 4. Take a look at the two following photos:

On the left side you can see how the queueing looks like from the buyer’s perspective. Notice the little green hand there? That’s a button you can click to raise your hand and put yourself into the queue. — On the right side you can see how the queueing looks from the seller’s perspective. There is no green hand, because it doesn’t make sense to show interest in your own product. In both cases you can click on each person that is in the queue which results in a new action.


When a seller clicks on a potential buyer in a queue, he start a chat with that potential buyer. Therefore, private messaging can only be initiated by a seller. Furthermore, those chats are related to that particular item the seller is selling and the buyer is interested in. There is a strong context-relation to these chats which allows both buyer and seller to easily keep track about the item and the person they are talking to. Here are two screen shots for your reference:

On the left you can see the seller’s options after clicking on a potential buyer. Once the seller starts a chat with the potential buyer, the chat window on the right opens. Seller and potential buyer can now discuss in private and in detail their trade.

It is important to note, that if you have multiple devices with the same account, all your messages are synchronized in real-time between all such devices. Furthermore, the chat as well as the rest of swapit supports Unicode (UTF-8) characters. That means all the cool stuff like smileys, emoticons, but also languages like Chinese, Korean, Thai, Russian, etc. work flawlessly.

We hope you all love swapit and start to trade actively on our platform. We’d like to improve swapit and turn it into the perfect app for your buy & sell needs. Please tell us what you think about our latest beta.

You’re not part of swapit beta yet? Request your invite now: http://swapit.la

P.S.: We have also deleted all the non-sense posts on swapit that were created for testing purposes. Just in case you’re wondering where the nice egg tart went to 🙂


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