Invite+Win a Mobile Studio from Swapit

We want to help you take beautiful photos of the stuff you’re selling Swapit. So we found some great tools and we are giving them away to some of our most active users. From today until the end of June, you can win a Mobile Studio (pictured below). It’s easy to participate, just open Swapit and follow the instructions in the app.


Open Swapit & Join To Win a Mobile Studio

It only takes 20 seconds and all we ask you is to invite 6 friends to Swapit. That’s it and you immediately joined and stand a chance to win one out of three Mobile Studios, valued at $75 (HKD580) each.

Until the end of June you can join. In early July we will randomly pick three winners from all participants. So make sure you’re in and join right now!

Remember? Last year we gave away a OnePlus X in a similar promotion. It was great to see the happy winner back then, and now we’re giving away 3 Mobile Studios. So we are already excited to make 3 winners happy very soon.

Invite+Win Mobile Studio Timetable:

  • June 15: Launch campaign
  • June 15-30: Swapit users can invite their friends & join
  • June 30: Campaign closes
  • July 4: Three winners will be randomly selected
  • July 5-7: Winners will be contacted
  • July 8-15: Winner ceremony will be held (exact date to be confirmed)

If you have any question, feel free to contact us.

Have you tried Swapit yet? You can download it here:



Congratulations Ambrose – Winner of the OnePlus X

The Swapit team congratulates Ambrose, the winner of our OnePlus X Give Away, which ended earlier this week. We have seen a lot of great Swapit users who have joined our Give Away promotion and were eligible to win. In the end, only one could win and Ambrose seems to be very happy with his prize:


When asked what he will do with his new phone, Ambrose said:

I’m gonna give it to my girlfriend. She wanted a new phone anyway, and this is a great gift for her. She will be happy.

That’s the spirit! Thanks a lot for participating Ambrose!

We’ll definitely be back with another great Give Away. Perhaps it’s another great gadget, perhaps something else. Stay tuned and make sure to have Swapit installed on your phone. You can get it for free at:

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By the way, OnePlus was so great and gave me 3 more invite codes for the OnePlus X. If anyone of you would like to have one, just let me know in Swapit: 3 OnePlus X Invites


The Winner Drawing Process

For those of you who are interested in how we drew the winner, here are some details.

First, we pulled all the participants from our database of participants. We printed their names on a sheet of paper. Then, we ensured, people who have invited not just 6 of their phone contacts, but also their Facebook friends, get a second stake in the draw. Thus, their names entered the draw again. So we ended up with a bowl with a lot of names on small paper sheets. I then drew randomly 5 different names and we numbered them. The first name I drew was the winner, the second name was the backup winner (second in line), the third name was another backup winner and so on. Now we proceed as explained in the “HOW THE WINNER WILL BE SELECTED” section of our first blog post about this Give Away. Therefore, I personally contacted the winner (i.e. the person I drew first from the bowl) about his win and gave him or her 24 hours to reply. After several hours, I did not receive a reply and so I followed up with that person. Yet, the 24 hours did pass and the first selected winner was out of the race. So I moved on to the next one in line and that was Ambrose. He got back to me quickly and it was all settled. Then we just needed a time for him to come in and receive his gift. So yesterday 4:45pm we got together and handed him his very own OnePlus X.

We’ve taken some photos along the way, just for reference. We want this process to be as transparent as possible and therefore, I believe it is important to publish and explain our process of drawing a winner. Have a look at our quick photo gallery:

Win a OnePlus X Android Phone with Swapit

We just launched a give away called “INVITE+WIN” where we are giving away a brand new OnePlus X phone. All you need to do is:

  1. Download the Swapit App:
  2. Open the Swapit App
  3. Invite 10 friends inside the app

That’s it. Isn’t that easy?


The OnePlus X is the latest phone of the great folks at OnePlus. Here are some key specs of the phone you can win:

  • Model: OnePlus X
  • Color: Onyx Black
  • CPU: 2.3 GHz Quad-Core Snapdragon 801
  • RAM: 3 GB
  • Storage: 16 GB, expandable to 128 GB
  • Camera: 13 MP back, 8 MP front
  • Connectivity: Dual SIM 4G/LTE, WiFi
  • Display: 5″ 1080p, 441 PPI, OLED, Corning Gorilla Glass 3
  • OS: OxygenOS based on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop

All details about the OnePlus X can be found at:


This promotion runs until November 30th, 2015. Right after that, we will announce all participants and their individual chances to win. (Hint: it’s possible to increase your chances to win. You’ll see how that works inside Swapit.)

We will then randomly select the winner of the OnePlus X and contact him or her by email. If that winner does not get back to us within 24 hours, we will re-draw the winner and contact that person as well. That process will be repeated until we hear back from a winner within those 24 hours.

So the whole process is pretty straight forward and we are as transparent as possible about it. Please feel free to ask, should you have any question.

You want Swapit now? Download Swapit from and follow the instructions above.

Notice to iPhone/iPad and other non-Android users: Swapit is currently only available for Android. Thus, only Android users can participate in this Give Away. If you don’t have an Android phone or tablet, ask your friend who has one, to join this Give Away.


To tease you a bit, here some photos of the OnePlus X which just arrived at the Swapit HQ and is ready to be handed out to the winner soon!

These photos were taken with a BlackBerry Passport.


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