How To Get Your Bargain

It’s as easy as cake!

When you open up Swapit, you can either jump right into one of the categories or you can view only all free items or you can simply search for something you might be looking for. It’s quick¬†and easy.

1_img_browse_and_buy_en1. Search
Click the magnifying glass ūüĒć and enter your search term, for example “iPhone 7”. Hit search and your results show up.

2. Jump into a Category
Say you’re looking for “Fashion”. There is something we call quick select that you can choose to only view “Fashion” listings nearby. Hit that and you’ll get to see the best deals in your area.

3. Latest Postings in Your City
Swapit is a hyperlocal marketplace, which means you’ll always get to see relevant listings that are nearby. Hit the “Latest” quick select to get a list of all listings that were posted in your city. The most recent one is at the top.

Discover More Ways to Shop

Swapit has been built to be intuitive. So using it feels natural and you’ll discover many new things while you’re browsing our huge catalog of listings. Should there be no listing in your vicinity yet, just list something from your home.¬†You’ll be the first one in your area. So you get the prime spot!

Privately, secure and save.

Getting the bargain you just found through browsing Swapit, is even easier. There are multiple ways to get them. Please have a look below.

3_img_chat_to_trade_en1. Make an Offer
If you’ve found an item you’d like to buy, say some nice shoes ūüφūüĎüūüĎě, simply open that item and verify that all information in there is to your satisfaction. Now hit the “Make an Offer” button and you can enter the price you are willing to pay for it.

2. Chat to Buy
If you’re not sure about the price yet, but you’d still like to get the shoes, you can click “Chat to Buy” and start a private conversation with the seller. For example, if you need clarification on the quality or the condition of use.

Rest assured, all conversations between buyers and sellers are confidential and you can safely talk about all issues concerning the products of your interest.

Trade nearby with confidence and possibly your neighbors.

Most buyers and sellers on Swapit actually meet up and do their trade in-person. That allows the buyer to inspect the item before paying the seller. Yet, we are working tirelessly to bring new ways of trading to you Рin a safe and trusted environment. Swap on and stay tuned for more ways to trade.

If you have any question, please reach out to us via


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Swapit Update: Performance & Stability Improvements

swapit-blog_downloadWe‚Äôve just updated Swapit on iPhone and Android. It’s now ready for you to download.

Get Your Swapit Update:


Recently, we’ve been working on several bigger changes on our Swapit marketplace platform. It is great that the potential Swapit has, shows in the fact that we are mentioned with other leading e-commerce startups in Hong Kong and that our communities on other social media like Facebook are growing rapidly. Motivated by such great feedback, we are working tirelessly to improve our app by publishing update after update, and making improvements every step of the time.

This current update comes mainly with cosmetic changes as well as performance and stability improvements. An increased number of Swapit users means also an increased challenge in making sure our product works on all supported devices (phones and tablets) out there. We are monitoring closely the performance of Swapit we take swift action should there be any issues on any devices out there.

Current Release Versions:

  • Android:
  • iOS: 1.6.6

Note: We will soon make this latest release on both platforms mandatory for everyone.

Sharing to Facebook Messenger (new on iOS)

On iPhones it is now possible to easily share to Facebook Messenger with just one click of a button. At each item listing you can now see a Facebook Messenger icon, which allows you to click & share that item in the easiest way possible.


REMINDER: How to Feature Your First Item for Free

It’s really simple to get your first item to be featured for free. Just follow these few steps:

  1. Post an item for sale.
  2. View the item (either right after posting, or right from your user profile).
  3. Hit the “FEATURE” button at the bottom.
  4. Open the “Coupon Code” bar.
  5. Enter “FIRSTFEATURE” coupon code into the field and hit “APPLY”.
  6. Click the “Feature Your Listing — FREE”.
  7. Done! Congratulations! Your item is now featured!

Here are these steps in screen shots, so you know exactly what I am referring to:

It’s really that easy. Everyone can use the FIRSTFEATURE coupon code once to feature one of their items.

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Have you tried Swapit yet? It’s free. You can get it here:

Swapit got covered by WHub

swapit-blog-communicationThanks a lot to the great people at WHub! They’ve put together a comprehensive article about¬†6 E-commerce startups from Hong Kong that raised funds¬†and Swapit is one of those 6 startups!

While Swapit is only one of many e-commerce startups in Hong Kong, we feel honored to be mentioned in the same breath as great companies like GRANA, Shopline, Yeechoo, Bindo and Goxip.

swapit_partners_whubIf you’d like to read the full post, you can do so here:¬†6 E-commerce startups from Hong Kong that raised funds.

More coverage of Swapit in local and international media can be found here: Swapit Media Coverage

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